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Agents for Verde Artificial Grass

There are six grades of grass in the Verde range, all of tufted polypropylene construction, with specially compounded pile material designed for maximum resistance to UV attack and staining.

Rolls are 2 metres or 4 metres wide, cut to your required length. Large artificial grass installations can easily be jointed with special tape and adhesive.



9mm curled pile / emerald green fibrillated polypropylene / no sand infill required / must be installed on a smooth solid base - loose laid or spot stuck / ideal for balconies, patios, roof gardens, putting greens, swimming pool surrounds and display areas.

£15 per Square Metre


20mm open pile/olive green fibrillated polypropylene / infilled with 20kg/sq metre of kiln dry sand to hold the grass in place and protect the tufts / should be laid over a compacted aggregate base / strongly recommended for lawns with children playing football under swings and is pet friendly / Commercial applications such as golf course pathways / football touch lines. dugouts and sports practice pitches.

£18.60 per Square Metre



12mm heavy duty dense pile / olive green fibrillated polypropylene / no sand infill required / maybe loose laid or spot stuck onto a bound base or securely fixed at the edges if over an unbound base / Ideal for top quality domestic lawns, golf course pathways and high traffic public areas.

£26.70 per Square Metre


15mm closely tufted pile / olive green fibrillated polypropylene / Lightly dressed with 8kg/sq metre of kiln dried silca sand which soon disappears from vision. The sand may be omitted for roof top gardens if required / Can be laid over a compacted aggregate base (with sand infill) or stuck to a smooth solid base ( with or without infill) Ideal for top quality gardens / nurseries, putting greens patios and balconies

£21.30 per Square Metre


28mm two tone multi length/ artificial grass of varying height created by straight and textured yarns with a realistic mix of colours / combination of low friction polyethylene and polypropylene fibre providing on-abrasive finish/ loose laid onto a firm aggregate base with optional sand dressing (8kg/sq metre) or spot adhered to a smooth solid surface / safety surface - confirms to critical fall height when used with the pro-play shockpad / Ideal for luxury lawn installations, nurseries and play areas / superior quality for garden lovers.

£33.60 per Square Metre


Luxurious lawn-looks and feels like the real thing!

It has a 30mm dense pile and is a two-tone polyethylene monofilament with a tan twisted root zone. With a very realistic appearance and super soft bouncy feel it is perfect for gardens, schools, nurseries and landscape and commercial areas. It is loose laid onto a firm aggregate base with optional sand dressing or spot adhere to a smooth solid surface.

£33.90 per Square Metre


A combination of polypropylene thatch and a hardwearing monofilament yarn for demanding sports applications.

It is a 45mm two-tone multi-length and is an artificiial grass of varying height created by straight and curled yarns with a realistic mix of colours. It is infilled with a mix of sand and rubber to suit your requirements and is laid directly over a compacted aggregate base. It is designed for golf tees, football touchlines, practice areas and other sports and is also suitable for gardens requiring the 'un-cut' lawn apprearance. It is the top of the range exclusive product - a hybrid, state of the art specification.

£39.00 per Square Metre

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