Christmas Trees

We invite our customers to come to the farm and choose thier christmas tree.  We will point thier tree upon request for bases and they can return home with them.

Deliveries can be arranged for those customers who do not wish to travel home with thier trees or we can take your specifications over the phone and send your tree to you.  

We ask customers to ensure they purchase thier trees early to avoid disappointment. Pre-orders can be taken. 

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Norway Spruce This is the traditional Christmas tree, it has a much shorter and thinner light green needles and boasts of a wide base which is excellent for many gifts to be put underneath!  The Norway has an attractive rich conifer fragrance that fills rooms with a lovely woody aroma.  This tree gives the best value for money, yet it does loose it's needles.  Needle retention can be minimised by feeding your tree water and keeping it away from heat sources.  We would suggest purchasing a water base for this to be fed, which is not sold at our premisis. If you want to put your christmas tree up early, this may not be the tree you need.  We dont consider this a child and pet friendly tree as its needles are sharp and gloves need to be worn to move it.

Approximate Guide Price

3" to 11 foot trees From £20.00 to around £62.00 .  Larger trees available upon request

Nordman Premium Fir - Is the UK's most popular choice as it holds it's needles well. It's glossy needles and bushy follage shows dark green on the top and a sort of bluey green on the underside of the branhes. The Nordman is unscented and has a wide base allowing for many gifts to be placed underneath which gives it an excellent shape and a beautiful profile. Due to it's soft needles we would rate it as child and pet friendly. It is hard to beat. Please note, when comparing prices this is Grade 1 Nordman, There are diffrent grades out there! 

Approximate Guide Price

3 to 5" (100/150cm) around £20.00,up to 9-11.5 foot around £70.00, Larger trees available upon request

Scotch Pine - The Scotch Pine has been a national favourate due to its beautiful pine fragrance and wins highest for retaining its needles.  It needs to be said that it is a less fuller tree in comparison to others, yet makes up for it with its large needles.  It maybe possible for us to acquire 'Lodge Pine Sheared' trees that give a more dense follage and shape, yet these would need to be pre-ordered to avoid disappointment.   

Approximate Guide Price

4"- 5"around £24.00,to 10 foot (300cm) around £62.00. Larger trees available upon request.

Frazer Fir - Is an up-and-coming tree offering a more dense folage.  It is a brighter green colour than most other species and it has a silver-like underside which is visiable due to its branches growing upwards. It is a beautifully proportioned tree.  The Faser fir has excellent needle retention like the Nordman yet has smaller needles which grow upwards.

Approximate Guide Price 

 5" -6.5 foot  (175/225) around £57.00 to £62.00

Rooted Christmas Trees are also available and all trees can be netted if required. If you need a base for your tree we can 'point your tree' and provide a log base for it to sit upon.

Pointing & Log Base Service: £4.00

Hand-Made Plain and Decorative Wreaths for sale from: £17.00 each 

FREE DELIVERY TO LOCAL CUSTOMERS - L26, L27, WA8.  A delivery charge of £5.00 to customers outside of our local area (Liverpool). Long distances can be given upon request.

Payments at the farm

cash only

There is no Debit/Credit Card payment facility at the farm.  

We ask customers to 'Pay by Cash' when visiting and collecting thier goods.  BACS payments can be made prior to collection, please telephone for details. 

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Please ring ahead to ensure we are on site and ready to deal with your enquiry.


We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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