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We are currently stocking Thomas Elliot 'Bone meal' Fertiliser.  This is a great organic natural fertiliser which slow releases phosphate which is ideal for young plants and suitable for shrubs and roses as well as young trees to encourage root development.  This is also excellent for putting down with  grass seed or laying below the newly cut turf to encourage strong root development. 

  • Phosphorus will help strengthen a lawn as it grows and embeds.
  • The calcium contained will help maintain the salinity of the soil and it also helps blunt disease occurring.
  • Nitrogen will assist with blade growth.

Get help using Bone meal on your lawn at this site

We recommend 140g per m². 


Our price 1 lb (454g) of bone meal for £1




For Adding to Soil - 'well rotted horse manure with no smell'


Well rotted horse manure is an ideal component in any garden, allotment or veg patch. Our Horse manure has no smell yet holds all of the nutritional value needed.   


So what would you use it for?


It makes a great mulch for established plants and trees, shrubs, roses, soft fruit, vegetables and established flower borders
It is a great component for breaking up heavy soils and improving soils that are on the sandy side

It increases the water retention qualities of the soil as well as adding that much needed aeration into the soil
Packed with slow releasing organic nutrients and minerals and safe for pets!

£40 per large multi bag (450l), £30 per medium multi bag (300 Litres) small bags £3 each 





Volcanic Rock Dust 


20kg remin instructions

Soil and compost remineraliser - adds essential MINERALS AND TRACE ELEMENTS to help grow healthy plants, invigorate composting and as a tonic for wormeries.

* IN DECLINE: Minerals and Trace Elements are the smallest of soil and compost's five components. They make up a tiny percentage of each harvest yet most plant foods only replace a few of these, in limited amounts. The Minerals and Trace Elements in REMIN are also well documented as being in decline.

* VOLCANIC FERTILITY: Volcanic soil, ie soil close to a volcano, is often very fertile. This is because of the rich supply of Minerals and Trace Elements in the volcanic rock. Over millenia it is ground down and spread by glaciers. Adding REMIN volcanic rock dust is like DIY glaciation ie it puts natural goodness back into the soil.

*GIVE IT A GO: REMIN Volcanic Rock Dust is organically approved and gardeners are well satisfied after using it... The only way to find out - is to try it for yourself !!


   20 Kg Bag - £14.00   OR  10 Kg Bag - £8.00




There is no minimum order and our company policy is kerbside deliveries only. However, we will always try to accommodate customer requirements wherever we can when it is safe to do so.


We deliver throughout Merseyside, the Northwest, Wirral, Manchester and North Wales.  


* Local Delivery Charge £10.00 postcodes L26, L27, L35, L36, WA8


* Standard Delivery Charge £15.00 postcodes L14, L16, L18, L19, L24, L25, L28, L34, WA9


* Intermediate Delivery Charge - £20.00 postcodes L1 through to L13, L15, L17,  L20, L21, L22, L23, L29, L30, L31, L32. L33, WA10.


* Boundary Delivery Charge - £ 25.00 postcodes L37, L38, WA11


* Distanced Delivery Charge - £30.00 postcodes L39, L40


* Distanced toll Delivery Charge - £35.00  Runcorn, Frodsham, Chester, Wirral, Southport

* Further Distances price on application 

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