Suppliers of Firewood Logs, Coal and Fuel Peat

Firewood, logs and kindling

We sell firewood - logs and kindling. Our logs are barn-stored and left to season for a couple of years for maximum burning heat.  All of our logs are a mix of sycamore, ash, oak, hawthorn beech and holly.  The log moisture content is mostly 15-25%.

multibag logs



£6.70 - Small Bag 
£100.00 - Large Multi Bag
£70.00 - Medium Multi Bag



£10.00 - Small Bag
£135.00 - Large Multi-bag
£70.00 - Medium Multi-bag

Kiln-dried Logs £25.00 - Small Bag
Kindling: £3.50 - Small Bags Kindling Sticks
Decorative Craft Logs - £7.00 - Small Bags of round logs  


We sell house coal and smokeless coals in 20kg bags (44lbs). 

House coal - £10.00 for a 20kg bag (44 lbs).


Ovoids, Super firm are a smokeless egg-shaped coal which is suitable for fuel burners or open fires - £16.00 per 20kg bag 

Excel smokeless egg-shaped coal which is suitable for fuel burners or open fires - £17.00 per 20kg bag

Woodmass known as Union Coal is coal and wood compressed together and is suitable for fuel burners or open fires. - £13.00 per 20kg bag

Fuel Peat *Sold Out At Present*

The fuel peat we sell is clean, smokeless, easy to handle and has low atmospheric emissions.  It lights very quickly using firelighters, gives off a good heat without any sparks, and can be used with or without other fuels. It creates a natural aroma and can be used for banking down a fire at night and then makes it easier to re-kindle a fire the following day. We sell traditional Irish peat which is sold compressed in bales at £6 per bale. Each bale weighs 12kg (28lbs) and comprises of 20 briquettes and are easy to store or stack. We also have bags of field peat.

Compressed Bale Peat £6.00 per bale

Field Peat - £6.00 per bag


£3.00 - 30 Pack*


Fireglow - Wood Wool Firelighters 300G pack 

For BBQ, Woodburners and Open fires.  All natural, No Chemicals, Odourless and effortless! 


Payments at the farm

cash only

PLEASE NOTE: There is no Debit/Credit Card payment facility at the farm. We ask customers to pay by Cash when visiting and collecting their goods at the farm. BACS payments can be made prior to collection, please telephone for details.

We are situated in the Merseyside area. Customers can collect from the farm or we will deliver for a minimum order of £40. We can deliver free within a 3 mile radius of the farm, but not during busy periods. We charge for deliveries that are further away (Please phone for details.) We deliver mainly in the Liverpool/Merseyside/Widens area.

We can deliver any mix of winter fuels and firewood.

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Monday - Friday


0151 487 8147
07760 780319 

**Please ring ahead  if you are planning to visit the farm to ensure we are on site and ready to welcome you**