Ornamental Forest Bark & Play Bark

Ornamental Bark

Can be used as a decorative covering for borders,
flower beds, making pathways and for large areas where weeds need to be
Large and Medium Multi Bags equivalent to a cubic yard and half yd³

Priced at £90.00 per Large multibag compressed


Priced at £45.00 per Medium multibag compressed


75L Bags £10.00 

Play Bark

Play grade bark can be used where soft material preferred. Used as a
cushioning surface for playgrounds in both public and private areas.

To ensure the best possible safety surface remove all large stones and
other debris and lay a permeable membrane, cover with depth of minimum
of 10-15 cm play bark.

Rake over bark at regular intervals to ensure bark evenly spread over surface area.

Multi Bags equivalent to a cubic metre

priced at £90.00 per bag   (Currently out of stock)

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