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Topsoil, Fertilizers & Sand



We offer a good quality topsoil which is sourced via a proactive approach (ie approaching operators that are undertaking soil excavation in areas of high quality soil) and by a large network of contacts that "offer" the soil to us when available.

In 2007 we started delivering soil in ton bags. We are keen to meet customer demand and feedback from our customers has been very positive since introducing this facility. We also deliver soil to customers loose on tipping vehicles.

SCREENED TOPSOIL: - Our screened topsoil is a beautiful rich dark soil that is perfect for turf, boarders and planters. It has been screened through our screening machine (shown below) which removes all the stones from the soil, taking alot of work out of your lanscaping project without the need of working the soil! 


'Loose soil' sold @ £40.00 per ton.  


'Multi-bag soil' sold @ £45.00 per ton. (£25.00 1/2 ton).


Small screened soil bags priced @ £3.00 each (not sold by the weight but manageable to lift)


'AS DUG' TOPSOIL : - 'As Dug' is field soil that contains stones etc that has come from it's natural source.  We recommend this soil to customers who are filling large areas such as deep holes and ponds. 


'Loose soil' sold @ £30.00 per ton.

'Multi-bag soil' sold @ £35.00 per ton. (£17.50 1/2 ton).




screening machine

To meet customer demand for 2014 we have invested in a soil screening machine in order to provide quality screened topsoil which we can supply either loose or in ton multi bags and in small bags for customer convenience.

screened soil



           We offer a good field sand which is sourced locally. Our field sand is  ideal for use if                                 gardens need additional drainage or gardens are wet and need an added  layer of                                     absorbant to lay turf upon.  Other uses include laying patio and other pavings for pathways. 

           Note: This is not suitable for mixing with cement. 

               Loose sold @ £40.00 per ton.

               'Multi-bag soil' sold @ £45.00 per ton. (£22.50 1/2 ton).

               Small sand bags priced @ £3.00 each (not sold by the weight but Manageable to lift)


There is no minumum order and our company policy is kerbside deliveries only. However, we will always try to accommodate customer requirements wherever we can when it is safe to do so.

We deliver throughout Merseyside, the Northwest, Wirral, Manchester and North Wales.  

* Local Delivery Charge £10.00 postcodes L26, L27, L36, WA8

* Standard Delivery Charge £15.00 postcodes L14, L16, L18, L19, L24, L25, L28, L34, L35, WA9

* Intermediate Delivery Charge - £20.00 postcodes L1 through to L13, L15, L17,  L20, L21, L22, L23, L29, L30, L31, L32. L33, WA10.

* Boundary Delivery Charge - £ 25.00 postcodes L37, L38, WA11

* Distanced Delivery Charge - £30.00 postcodes L39, L40

* Distanced toll Delivery Charge - £35.00  Runcorn, Frodsham, Chester, Wirral, Southport

* Further Distances price on application 

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